Jun 26, 2006
Here is the dilemma,
Remember that I was asking about whether the city was too big for pettite women? Now I found a first, and not just any color. It is Blue India!!!:yahoo: Oh.... I love the color. But before I knew it was still available, I saw a Panda pochette at my local LV boutique. I haven't got it yet. But I did ask SA to hold it for me.
So the question is which one?:confused1: If in the ideal situation, of course, both of them. But I just feel guilty. I have spent way too much money on purses(no, not just any purses, LV to be exact) lately. Come to think of six months ago, I did not have any. and now I spent thousands dollars already.:crybaby:

What would you do? Please enlighten me! Thanks:heart:
But it was Panda pochette. It was supposed to have sold out in the US, but then they got new shipment from Japan, I guess.
I have never seen a B-bag, nor touched one IRL, it won't disappoint me, will it?
Yeah, I know. I guess subconciously, I wanted to try a new B-bag too. I just so wish the guilt feeling not here. so I could get both.:graucho:
Bbags definitely!! i'm a big fan of LV but after my first bbag, i don't care much for my LVs anymore....i LOVE bbags nearly as much as LV now!!!
I can't believe I am saying this... I think I would probably go with the Panda because of its limited availability.

But the Bbag will hold more and is more useful compared to the pochette. Because if you plan on getting the LV and you are not going to use it then go for the Bbag.
BI First for sure!!!
you will not be disappointed at all with the leather or the color.
BI is such a vibrant color and the leather..once you handle it, you can't say no..seriously!
Depends on whether you like structured bags or relatively shapeless bags. If you don't think you can handle a bag that does not stand up on its own unless well-stuffed, then get the LV. If you think you would be ok with a bag that falls into a heap under its own weight, then try the Balenciaga.