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  1. i just got 2 coach handbags for my gf ... and yes i got them 2nd hand ... i know it isnt the smartest ... but i got it for a good price ... my question is .. are these real or fake? surely .. if they are fake .. i would be upset .. but not as upset ... since i didnt spend alot on them ... and another question .. before giving them to my gf ... i was wondering i could clean them .. i was simply thinking of taking them to the dry cleaners ... thanks for all you input ...

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  2. I'm sorry. These are both fake and it would cost more to clean them than it cost to make them. You can Look on Ebay for a nice authentic anywhere from 100-500. There are really alot of reasonable bags from authentic sellers. I haven't looked but I am sure there must be a list of authentic Coach sellers on the Coach sub-forum. I used to have one saved but deleted it.
  3. You will get good information on the Coach sub-forum, under Designer Forums. I don't know if it's possible to report your own thread to a moderator to move it, but they will probably see this and move it, or you can post over there, and they will close this one.They should have an authenticity thread there to ask your questions. Also in the regular questions, they can give you advice about cleaning the bags.

    good luck!

    Good luck.
  4. well sorry .. if a mod sees this .. can they move it for me ...

    by the way ... how can you tell its fake? jw
  5. Please repost your question in the Coach Authenticate This! sticky.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.