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  1. hello everyone,
    I'm looking into purchasing the edith, and they have many different styles in the edith. but i'm really interested in the more classic original edith. I'm on and does anyone know how many different sizes the edith comes in? there is the medium edith pocket satchel then there is the edith classic satchel for 765. in the discription it comes in different sizes, but alot smaller than the large. What is the difference between the two because they look very similar??? i just don't know what to do... i just want one so bad...:confused1:
  2. The medium Edith is the one shown in all of the ad campaigns etc. The large, is quite abit bigger, and IMO does not suit the bag anywhere near as much. I have attached a piccie of the large edith being carried so that you have an idea, it really is more of a weekend bag :smile:

    Hope that helps
    Chloé Large Edith leather bag - NET-A-PORTER.COM
  3. I'm thinking the medium edith and the classic edith is the same style and size...only some colors went on sale for the NM desighner sale for 765, while others, like the whiskey color kept their retail price...
  4. I was really suprised to see the large edith at the $765 sale price at NM. I was thinking it was a mistake...especially when the regular price on NAP is $1720 but only $1275 at NM. That's a great deal. I couldn't settle on which color so I bought one in jade and muscat. I just can't talk myself into keep both!
  5. Oh yes you can!!!:graucho: ;)

    Both colours are lovely, i think jade is a really eye catching colour, where as muscat is an everyday colour which will go with nearly everything.:yes:

    yaa-yo, have you come to a decision yet?:heart: