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  1. it's almost my birthday and i want to get my first bal bag :biggrin: i definitely want a black one but should i get the giant silver hardware or regular hardware ?!
  2. I love the way the GSH looks but I've bought the RH as I like how light it is.
  3. the black with silver gh is soo rock chic but if you want a lighter bag, then go for RH.
  4. All my bigger bags are in RH. I like the look of GH but found they are too heavy for me for what I need to carry now (my stuff, kids stuff & iPad)... so, depend on what your life style IMO ^.^ good luck!
  5. I love black and SGH. The SGH is heavier than the RH the, RH bags are as light as a feather. It's not unbearably heavy but the difference is notable. If it's possible it's best to check out in person, that way you can put all the stuff you carry around and see & feel the difference. However I know that isn't always possible depending on where you live you may not have any stores near by that sell Bbags. What style bag are you looking to get?
  6. I'm also not a huge fan of GH (for me). I like the lightness of RH bags and also the more classic Balenciaga look. Buy what you love and what suits you though.
  7. I have a black City with GSH and I do think it is quite heavy and in my opinion a little limited as to what it goes with as it is quite blingy (but I live in the middle of the countryside so most things look blingy!)
    RH is beautifully light and can be dressed up and down...just my opinion tho - go with what suits you and your lifestyle best!
  8. Black + GSH is simply :heart::heart::heart:
    It's heavier than RH but it's not that heavy! ehehehe
  9. ^^^ ITA with lizmarielowe, black + gsh is really rock! Also my first Bal was a black gsh (city). I prefer GH than RH, but this is my taste... If you are more a classic person, go for rh.