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  1. Anyone living in milan?

    My friend is going to milan and she's gonna help me buy a vitello lux bow bag.
    but i called miu miu milano and the SA said they're all sold out! :shocked:
    can anyone confirm this?

    and i called MIU MIU LA RINASCENTE and the lady hung up on me! :cursing:

    does this mean the entire milan is out of the regular bow bag?

    this is gonna be my first miu miu and i really don't wanna be disappointed. :sad:
  2. That´s extremly rude of them! :tdown:

    They can always order in what you want to the store if it´s not a seasonal color or something limeted in any way. If you tell them which bag you want and in which color they should be service minded enough to ask you if you want them to order it in for you from another store in the same country or from an other country in Europe, that´s how all good stores or boutiqes does.

    When I called the MM store in Rome last week to order a few things for my BF to pick up for me when when he go there whith his company, they told me that they could order in everything you want if you just call them a week before. (As normal.)

    It sounds strange to me, it can´t be sold out in the whole Europe! Which color did you ask for? Maybe it´s just the SA being rude and bad? Milan is a very snotty place...

    I really hope they don´t answer me the same things when I make my order next weekend:biggrin:...