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  1. Ok ladies I really need some help. I recently discover rm bags and in LOVE!!! I love to look at the pictures of them empty. I dunno why just love have flexible the leather looks. So I've decided to branch out and buy one but now I cam decide between the MAB MAM or the Mattie. I've looked at most of the threads discussing them and I'm getting a feel for the differences but I can't can't make up my mind. I normally like big bags but I'm trying to downsize. I need to be able to fit a large planner accordion style wallet medium size makeup case umbrella(lil one) and my normal stuff like phone and keys. What do u guys think I'm so indecisive!!! Sorry for the novel. Any input would be amazing!!!
  2. Well, if you like bigger bags, go with the MAB or Mattie. If you want to try a smaller bag, go with the MAM. I think all of your everyday stuff should fit it a MAM, although it will looked stuffed.

    If you want to be able to wear the bag on your shoulder, the Mattie is probably the comfiest, followed by the MAB.

    My favorite out of all 3 is the MAB, as I found the MAM difficult to wear on my shoulder, and I have never tried a Mattie.
  3. I think all your stuff will fit in either a MAM or Mab. I prefer the MAB for smush reasons but I will say the mattie has it's pluses and a minus. The mattie has a tighter opening (zipper) but has great organizational pockets. Good Luck enjoy your first RM ( probably not your last)!
  4. My vote is a Mattie!
  5. I love my MABs then my Matties and finally my MAMs. My MABS have handles that can fit comfortably over my shoulder, and the zipper opening is wide enough that you don't scratch your hands or mani.s on. My matties hold a lot and fit nicely on the shoulder, but the opening is tight, i.e., scratched up hands. The MAM is the least comfortable on the shoulder. I wear a ten and it's tight. Hope this helps you.
  6. i've looked at both of those threads and somehow i still couldnt decide lol i think i've decided against the mam its like buying jeans to small to make urself loose weight. its never going to happen. i love big bags and its probably never going to change.
    thanks so much for all your help and i'll make sure to post pictures once i can finally make a decision. could be awhile tho. once i decide on a style i have to choose a color :biguns:
  7. Trying going to one of the stores that carries both bags and see for yourself which one can carry all your stuff. I think that's the best way to make a decision. Good luck!