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  1. i just had my baby 2 days ago. just got discharged but baby must get weighed at hospital tomorrow because he has lost more than 10 percent of his weight. he only sucks for a bit then falls asleep. have tried waking him but to no avail. im so worried. we were given instructions to give him 30 cc of bottle formula but he only drank 5 cc. what to do?
  2. When your baby begins to fall asleep when he's feeding, try to wake him up. Usually rubbing their back or removing a layer of shirt to have them feel a slight breeze helps wake them up. You can also lightly massage or tickle their toes. Once they wake up, they start feeding immediately.
  3. Oh no... You sound really distressed, I really hope things improve. Have you tried blowing very very softly on your baby's eyelids as he is falling asleep to wake him up? That's what my DM did to me and apparently it worked wonders.
  4. oh the sleepy newborn! You just have to stimulate him constantly while feeding. As soon as he starts gaining he'll be able to feed longer and that good cycle begins.
    Rub his chin or his cheek where his saliva glands are to stimulate the sucking, undress him, etc. . .
    it WILL get better soon! And please know that most newborns lose up to 10% of their weight right after birth, it's common and it will be okay!
  5. Oh! And congrats on your new baby! :cloud9:
  6. Yes you have to stimulate them, completely undress him down to his diaper and see if that will keep him awake. Also burp him once he starts nodding off again, that usually wakes them up too. It will get easier! Congratulations!!!
  7. When my babies were in the NICU the nurses always had us change their diapers before a feeding. That always woke them up pretty quick. Also twist the bottle a little, gently massage under the chin, and rub the nipple along the roof of their mouth. A bunch of tips we learned in the hospital. My twins were tube fed in the beginning and they struggled with bottle feeding & BFing. Those tricks helped them a lot. HTH. Good luck and Congrats!
  8. Congrats on your baby! You've gotten some good advice. One thing that always worked for us was a diaper change in the middle of the feeding. Also, feed right after bathing...they tend to be very alert.
  9. Keep your baby cool and undress him if you need to. Completely agree with changing him either before or mid feed, I would also recommend keeping a cold damp cloth next to you and gently dab his cheeks and forehead if he starts to look sleepy.

    As swanky says, it's only for a short while. Til he starts to gain weight then you'll find he will be a hungry little man!
  10. Congrats! And it's completely normal for newborns to lose 10% of their body weight. They're VERY sleepy in the beginning and it can be hard to get them to feed. I actually would undress my baby a little bit - being cooler definitely helped to wake him up a little! Also rubbing his foot, cheek, hand etc.

    Ha-ha, as an extreme a girlfriend of mine (she has three kids now) would rub cold cans of Coke on her babies cheeks! I never dared to try this myself...but it certainly worked for her and her babies are as healthy as can be :smile:
  11. Congratulations on your new baby! I agree with PP's...change him beforehand, undress him, and rub his ears if he starts dozing off. It will feel like you're feeding him all day long (you will be), but this stage doesn't last very long. Good luck!