1. I'm a little confused my Black Hobo Stam from eLux just arrived and it's gorgeous.

    But I was under the impression that the zippers should be riri (they are lampo) and that the serial tag on the inside on the pocket should be white with black letters( mine is black with white letters)

    What give???
  2. OH MY GOD!!!! not to mention there is no MJ nameplate!!!!??????? WTF? I am beyond angry right now!
  3. the zipper on my Mouse Stam Hobo exterior and interior are both Lampo (lightbolt) - there is an earlier thread bag.lover created to document the leather and zippper for more detail.
    The inside tag is Black with White letters (stitched i believe)
    Yours' is fine, dont worry :smile: i love eluxury
  4. oh, that would be strange! the MJ metal (goldish) nameplate should be on the internal zipped pocket, i checked both Mouse and Cashew...not sure about the black though.....
  5. but there is no marc jacobs made in italy hardware inside!!!
  6. thanks mandy,

    i know where it is supposed to be though and it is definately not there!

    going back right now. i can't belive it. for $1200 everything on that bag should be perfect!
  7. so sorry this happen to you, hope you can find something better....:flowers:
  8. Holy Schmokes!! What is up with the Stam Hobos? Did they have them made by 4 year olds??? Mine falls apart, yours has no tag, hk318's fell apart!!!

    Sheesh!! I'm getting Stam gun shy!!! :wtf:
  9. I know prada, it's totally crazy. I also had a friend whom ordered one from eLUx and it came with no Chain!!!!?

    I don't know where the problem is hapening, but it is certainly happening.

    I could see the little slits in the fabric where the nameplate should be- like someone ripped it out. When I opened the box i knew something was wrong... that's why i posted about the zippers and tag first, i felt like something was off. Then I realized there was no nameplate! It's crazy.

    I'm sending it back and not buying another- like I said,, i dont think the powers that be wanted me to have that bag. I went and bought the bowler last night. And I'm very happy with it so far.
  10. Send it back. It's obvious there is something wrong with that bag. I wouldn't say it's all bags because there are a few ladies on here that have the stam hobo and haven't had any issues.

  11. Well, maybe they just haven't had issues yet. :shrugs:

  12. Just because they haven't had issues yet, doesn't mean they will or they wont. I'm not wishing issues on people who had their bag. These folks have had the bag since it came out and they haven't said a word about problems with it.
  13. Sheesh! Don't be so touchy, elongreach! :noggin:

    I'm not wishing my bad luck on anyone that owns a Stam hobo either, in fact I'm hoping that NO ONE has to go through what I went through. All I meant was just because nothing has happened so far doesn't mean it won't. I had mine over a month before I noticed the wear.
  14. ^ PP, I'm sorry to hear that you got a defective Stam Hobo, I really think it's just bad luck. Hopefully, your next MJ will be perfect. =)

    I still believe that MJ bags are very high in quality, otherwise, I wouldn't keep on buying them. I have more than 10 MJs, many members here own quite a few as well. At the price the items are sold, manufacturing defects are unacceptable; they are not unheard of even for premium designer brands such as Chanel, Fendi, LV, Prada, Chloe, etc.