1. I don't believe for a second that this will show up, but I just ordered it from the BG sales page to be overnighted. I've not seen this style before, really liked it (and the price), but I know nothing about it. Couldn't find anything here about bowlers except the M by MJ Bowler and the quilted bowler. Anyone have this bag or know about it? Like what sort of lining it has, does it have metal feet (I'm big on metal feet!) Thanks! This isn't the color. They had the chocolate brown and I haven't even SEEN the color...... :shrugs:

    Marc Jacobs*-* Tall Calfskin Bowler*-* Bergdorf Goodman
  2. i would assume the best....i ordered a bag from the BG sale page, and it showed up!

    isn't their sale page crazy? i swear they add new bags to it every 5 minutes....
  3. PradaPsycho,

    The bag on ebay is the same as what you ordered, it's (lined with monogrammed canvas) from Fall 2005. Certain styles from this line have 4 protective feet on the bottom of the Bowlers, I'm not exactly sure about yours.

    Other bags (Bowler, Tote, etc) from this line:
    eBay: NEW $1400 MARC JACOBS Eggshell Leather Bowler Bag Purse (item 270049343056 end time Dec-01-06 16:49:28 PST)
    eBay: AUTH MARC JACOBS TOTE BAG STAM 2006 EGGSHELL (item 250043233507 end time Nov-02-06 08:28:16 PST)

    BTW, there's a free shipping code (SHOPBG), did you use it? =)

  4. I used WELCOME and that worked. ;)
  5. Well that was the world's fastest turn around on a handbag. FedEx delivered it at 3:30. At 4:10, USPS picked it up and it's on its way back to Texas.

    The bag was beautiful, the brown is not nearly as dark as in the pics in the eBay listing, the leather was YUMMY, but that sucker was HUGE! You literally could put a REAL bowling ball in it!! I kept thinking what a great deal it was at 50% off, how nice it was, but I kept looking at the size and knew I'd never be happy with it, so back she went.

    I mention this in case anyone else was interested in it. It should be back at BG Monday or Tuesday, so if the usual happens, it will pop back on the sales page within a week or so. Anyone that likes the bowler style but would prefer smooth calfskin over the quilted version would truly love this bag.

    So the perfect bag for Prada Psycho search continues..............:ninja:
  6. Prada Psycho , thanks for the update and really enjoy reading your posts....keep it up....good luck on your next search :smile:
  7. aww pradapyscho- we truely are having some luck. haha. what about the small quilted bowler? you dont like that?
  8. I think I'll just give up shopping online and stick to retail, hk318. Maybe I should pack up the DH's credit card and head to Southpark Mall in Charlotte tomorrow and put all of us out of my misery.:whistle:

  9. Wow, that was quick! Well, at least you didn't have to leave your house to examine the bag. Can't believe it was really that big!