1. Hi, this is my first post on this website, and I just wanted to say how much I like the website and how helpful its been. But, I have a more specific question and was wondering if anyone could give me some ideas. I am looking for a large tote (for carrying some notebooks etc) in brown or black distressed leather that is less than $500. I was wondering if someone could help me out b/c i've been looking online and haven't really found anything. Thank you.
  2. Hi, you might wish to check out Jas MB bags at Barneys?

    This is a quote by grechenscloset from another thread:

    can't say enough about jas mb. i have a brown one from last year that i wear to death and it takes a beating!! the quality is VERY high at a reasonable price. nobody's going to know what designer it is, but that's part of why i love them...


    The dimensions are not listed here, which is a pity:

    I did a google search "Jas MB distressed" and here are the results:
    Jas MB distressed - Google Search=
  3. Have you considered Cole Haan? Their prices are in your range and their leather is very nice. I don't know about the distressed leather part, but they have a lot of totes shown online at
  4. OOOHH..look what I found at Shoes at - The Web's Most Popular Shoe Store! Our shoe store features dress shoes, casual shoes, and athletic shoes for men and women!.
    It's Laundry by Shelli Segal and sells for $351.95. I like this a lot, hope you do too.

    [FONT=Verdana, Arial, Geneva]Holds a wallet, personal technology and plenty of your work files.[/FONT]
    [​IMG][FONT=Verdana, Arial, Geneva]Dimensions: 14 1/2" wide x 5" deep x 19" high.[/FONT]
    [​IMG][FONT=Verdana, Arial, Geneva]Dual shoulder straps. Shoulder drop: 8 1/2" length.[/FONT]
    [​IMG][FONT=Verdana, Arial, Geneva]Platform bottom with feet to protect the bag when set down.[/FONT]
    [​IMG][FONT=Verdana, Arial, Geneva]Top flap with magnetic closure.[/FONT]
    [​IMG][FONT=Verdana, Arial, Geneva]Interior lining with a back wall zip pocket.[/FONT]
    Laundry Shelli Segal.jpg