1. Today I noticed a significant scratch on the hood of my car. I know it came from where I park: I park in this back area of my off-campus apt. and under this wood thing with grape vines growing on it. Well one of the vines broke and scratched my car. Should I get the landlord to pay for it? I have a really nice car and the damage just is gross and makes me want to :crybaby:

    If they are responsible (for not maintaining the back where I park), how do I go about giving them the quotes I receive for repairing the damage? I didn ask if they could cut the vines because they scratched the hood and I don't want more damage done it it....

    help :crybaby:
  2. Call him and ask him for his insurance info..I guess.
  3. Ditto

    Take a picture before you move the car, with time stamp if possible.