i have a question for my fellow coachies...i have a really difficult time buying and KEEPING something...for me it usually comes down to 2or 3 bags, i get one and then spend the rest of the time being frustrated that i didn't buy the other one(s) and thus begins the cycle of exchanging...right now i am in the middle of a dilemma...i purchased the spectator in acorn and loved it...kept it in my closet to use for spring/summer...then exchanged it for a peyton in i just got invited to a special event at my coach store and i'll get a 25% discount on anything that i first love is the green/chalk spectator but i'm scared of the chalk getting really dirty...then i love the acorn...and since i can get 25% off, i can get a bag up to 500.00....does this happen to any of you? how do you deal with it? which bag would you choose and why?
H E L P!!!!


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Jan 29, 2009
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I think you need to take some time and think about which bag you really want and make sure it's the one you want. I think people, especially people new to the Coach brand, get overwhelmed with all the choices and just want to go out and buy every bag. I know, it's hard! There are so many cute things Coach brings out and they have new stuff every month.

Keep in mind that with PCE you can't exchange and still get the 25% off. I always tell myself that if I buy a bag with PCE, it should be something I definitely want to keep and won't exchange. I also don't force myself to buy a bag just because I received a PCE. This PCE I didn't buy a bag. And when it comes to bag buying in general, simply ask yourself if you absolutely need this bag, and if so, will you use it? How practical is it in your daily lifestyle and does it work with most of your wardrobe? Also, do you already own a bag that's similar to the one you want to buy? These are some of the questions I ask myself when I'm having trouble deciding. It helps save me from making unnecessary purchases or making impulse buys. I also research the bag I want, especially if it's new, to see if anyone is experiencing any issues with the bag such as peeling, flaking, poor stitching, faulty zippers, fading, etc. Hope that helps.


Jan 29, 2010
Sometimes I have that same problem I think I bought the right thing and then later I go home and can't stop thinking about what I gave up. I think it is just our nature to second guess sometimes. Usually I try to follow my instincts and usually return something I am having second feelings about. But usually I give myself a good nights sleep and if I am still thinking about it I go and exchange it, but most the time I am fine with what I get and end up loving it even more. We will always want more stuff from coach that is how much we love it!


Sep 23, 2009
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I think the Alex tote, tribecca tote, Kristin hobo and inlaid Peyton. Those will be a very nice colorful summer bags


Feb 23, 2009
I have the same problem, but I've been a Coach addict for a little over a year now and I've managed to slow down a bit. ejoy had some really good advice on trying to make the best selection. I also try to think about whether I really truly love the bag and if there is anything at all I would change about it - if there is and it's something important then it's probably not for me. If I bought everything I liked I'd be bankrupt, so I stick with what I truly love.

BTW, I do a lot of white bags and if you treat them with Apple first you shouldn't have any problems with them getting dirty.


Feb 20, 2010
I think the reason I second guess some of my purchases is because of the cost. I really have to LOVE a bag to spend the big $$ on it. I do know what style & size I like so that helps.


Feb 9, 2010
I have this problem with purses too. I pick something I absolutely love and then something else comes along, and just because it isn't what I have I think I suddenly might like it better then what I do have . Keep in mind that there is a reason why you picked the purse you already own. Also there is the old saying that "you always want what you can't have" and for me this really applies to bags!

It even applies to the new car I got! I picked out a really pretty color and when I see the other color I was choosing between I think "I like that one better now". I know for a fact if I picked the other color I would want the color I have lol.
thank you all! annie, ROFL!!! doesn't recommend apple products...which one do you use and have you used it on the madison leather? where can i get the peyton inlaid bag? it's no longer on the coach website and if i can use my pce for that it would be great!
thanks, all!!!!