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  1. looking for a certain chanel bag that came out in the summer/fall. it was lambskin for around 2700. I saw it on the chanel website before but its not on there anymore. it was lambskin and scrunched on the side...the bag didn't close it kind of just flapped over a little..does anyone know what i am talking about?
  2. Sounds like the Sharpei maybe?
  3. hi! thank you for your quick reply..actually, i think that it pleated on the side and it flipped over just a zipper or anything..i thought that it retailed for 2795 or 2895..i want to say that the sides had some metal or you could see it..ring a bell?
  4. #4 Feb 22, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2010
    Was it 09? Red Square Tote? Did you check the Reference Library?
  5. nope..argh! i wish i had copied the link..
  6. OMG this is going to drive me crazy? What was the year? Do you know which collection?
  7. i want to say that it came out in the summer of 2009. on the was the one before the 2009/10 collection.
  8. I honestly have no idea. To me it looks like a sharpey maybe someone else can chime in sorry!
  9. OP, why don't you email the ebay seller and ask her for the # on the tag. That way you can search the bag easier...
  10. That is the Sharpei. I bought one last fall in Navy for 2795.00. It is a beautiful bag, comfortable to wear and holds a lot more than it looks like it does. It is my only Chanel. Prior to this bag I didn't get what all the hype was about. I love this bag because it is different than what I normally see in my area and looks a little more modern.
  11. yup, 09 sharpei :yes: