1. recently i purchased an item off of ebay using buy it now..the user had 100% feedback so i thought she was trust worthy..sure enough i paid for the item already through paypal..and now that item is removed!!!! :cursing: so will the transaction be canceled automatically..for some reason i am very uncertain that it what can i do? has this ever happen to someone else?
  2. The item was removed?? As in, the listing no longer exists on eBay (removed by eBay) or was the listing cancelled by the seller?

    If it was removed, it may have been a fake.
  3. Moving to eBay forum ! :yes:
  4. it was removed
  5. call the bank, credit card company, and set up a dispute with paypal,
    Just stop the financial transaction.
    consider it like being robbed at this juncture
  6. I'd find out first if she intends on shipping it.

    People's authentic items are pulled ALL THE TIME. If you are sure it's real, I'd ASQ her and see if she's still shipping it. If not, tell her you need a refund IMMEDIATELY.
  7. I'm a little freaked out..what if she says she will and it never comes
  8. I'd require a tracking # and give it 5 days, if you don't get it, file.

    Is she NARU'd?
  9. the item is actually from australia is it possible to get a tracking number??
  10. what is naru'd?
  11. yes, I believe any shipping Co offers a tracking number if teh service is paid for.

    NARU'd is:
    No Longer a Registered User.
    NARU'd is what you have to be very careful with.
    If she has a ton of feedback and it's all good and she's still listing, I'd correspond w/ her about it.

    She could just be a victim, getting her listing pulled even though it's authentic, happens to the best of them.
  12. she is actually still registered she sells a bunch of nail supplies though, but has 0 negative feedback i will try and ask her for a tracking number
  13. i will probably go on a mad rampage if she never ships the item out and buy a bunch of buy it now items and file negative feedback
  14. oh, she has 0? :sad:
    Follow your gut.
  15. well she is saying she is sending me documents proving she is shipping my item so im crossing my fingers and praying at the same time!! she says ebay keeps moving her listing saying she's using LV pictures..but she clearly isn't