1. I just got home from work about a half hour ago. There was a wet spot on the carpet, and I thought my cat peed on the carpet. I walked over to it, and was standing over it...and then i felt something hit my head. I looked up and there was water dripping from my skylight. Help! I don't know what to do...I put the bottom of my ferret's cage under it to catch the water, but I don't know what else to do. Ack.
  2. You'll have to call someone to repair it? may be a bucket or big bowl under it would be better or if you can reach it you could see if theres a hole? stuff it with some material or towel to soak the water.. dont know really :shrugs:
  3. Do you have an upstairs neighbor? Maybe call your HOA if it's the roof.
  4. If you have a landlord, it should be their responsibility to repair. If you are a homeowner, hopefully you know someone handy with these things or you'll need to call a repairman (roofing, I would think). My son's house has a skylight and I hate to be pessimistic, but his has been repaired several times and a heavy rain will still cause problems.
  5. As a homeowner, I can identify. It is always something...and skylights can be tricky. I know all too well as I live in Florida and keeping them sealed from rain has been a problem for me, too. I don't get up there but my helpful brother has in the past. Hope your problem is solved soon.
  6. My girlfriend has had the same problem many times...I think you need a roofer or handyman...Maybe some helpful male could go up and check it out for you and plug up the hole.