1. Does anybody know if theres a Chanel Handbag that looks Similar to the LV Rivera. I think i saw it in white and not exactly the cambon material but something like it.

  2. i lovve the rivera, is it quilted, did u see it at a store?
  3. Which one: The epi Riviera? Or the Damier Ribera?
  4. i thought she meant the disc. epi rivera?? idk but i love that style esp in vanilla
  5. Yes--there was a white/creamy cavier-esque doctor's bag style by Chanel from this Spring collection. Let me see if I can find a pic of it... Will post if I find other threads on it!
  6. I just tried searching all through the threads--no luck... But I KNOW that the bag was out this past spring in a silvery white and also a gold metallic. NM had them. But that was probably February, March...
  7. Yeah! thats how it looks and its not quilted but it kinda looks like it though.
  8. Oh and the Damier Ribera
  9. oh oh i see, its not quilted? does it have chain straps?
  10. well actually i think it just looks quilted but it doesn't feel like it it feels like leather
  11. ummm, well i meant quilted leather? im guess your new to chanel?
  12. [​IMG]

  13. ^^ very hott is it yours? is that pewter? ps it also came in pink, white, black, canvas...
  14. ^^ how muchoo??

    itss hott

    i might have to get some moneyy
  15. Nope. I found the pics on eBay. I don't recall what retail was, sorry.