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  1. omg! i can't believe it...
    i've been umming and aahing over selling my silver bays for a while just 2 days ago i put her on ebay for on whim...and then i started having second thoughts..i really love my silver bays as she's bright and funky and i can use her in summer but with all my new bag purchases she was being neglected.
    anyway yesterday wen i got her out i decided i definitely wanted to keep her and tried to remove her from ebay, but did'nt know how! i got up this morning to ask u guys if anyone knew how to do it as the auction was supposed to end on sunday..but i just looked and omg someones already bought her!!
    help wat do i do?? the buyer did'nt even wait for a response to any questions from me and has already paid me!! crap crap crap..i was telling hubby to go online and buy my bag back for me...please someone tell me wat to do?!
    shud i just mail her now and refund her thru paypal straight away? oh the mess i put myself into..:sad:
  2. If you definately want to keep the bag you'll have to contact her directly and refund. You'll get negative feedback i should think.
  3. If I bought a bag because I really wanted it, paid for it straight away and then the seller changed their mind and tried to back out of the deal, I would do my best to get my revenge on them. I think that you should follow through on the deal and post the bag off to the buyer immediately.
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    UhOh, I think someone on one of the other threads mentioned your bag samiyahk! It could be a tpf'er who purchased your bag! I try and do a search of the Forum to see whether I can find it again...
    ..can't find it. But someone had posted that they hoped your silver bays would be with her soon...
  5. oh no..but i have 100percent positive feedback. if i just explain to her she shud be okay don't u think..i mean its unreasonanable of her to buy it without asking any questions?..i just feel like crying....
  6. Why should she ask questions?

    I would ask her if she is happy for you to cancel the deal before you do anything. I would certainly leave you a negative, a very strongly worded comment and very low star ratings if you cancelled against my will.
  7. am so upset..i only put her up for auction because of pressure from my hubby. i really don't want to sell her now especially after i had 2 days to think properly and i just never expected sumone to buy her before the 6 days.
  8. jenova, the seller asked me sum questions regarding the bag about the colour etc. but she mailed last night so i only saw them this morning after she bought the bag...
  9. Must say samiyahk if i'd seen my dream bag on e-bay, bought it, paid immediately and then the seller backed out i'd be hopping mad.
    I don't think you can expect a 'reasonable ' response to be honest. As for asking questions, I've bidded on things despite not getting a reply to my questions because I didn't want someone else to snap it up while I was waiting.
  10. I expect that the buyer was worried she wouldn't get it and so thought she would buy it before you answered.

    I think all you can do is email the buyer and explain if she mutually agrees that the sale shouldn't go through you can get your sellers fees refunded but, to be honest, I think you would be very lucky for her to do that. You will prob end up with a neg and also a non performing seller strike from ebay.
  11. That makes me think that she is pretty keen to have the bag.
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    mmm, i buy a lot of things from ebay and have had lovely sellers to deal with and also i have had some from hell. if i had bought the bag i would not be happy if i had paid and then seller didnt want to sell the bag.

    ebay can be pretty tight when i comes to this sort of thing , u have entered into a contract with this person, i would ask her direct, explain what you have said here and she if she will understand. if not i would put it down to experience, and send the bag off to new owner.

    *if i was selling a bag on ebay i would not do a buy it now, also i would put a good reserved on the bag. so if it didnt hit that i would not lose out also i would do it for 7 to 10 days which would give me time to withdraw it if i changed my mind*
  13. Sami , if it was me I would just sell it . Something you love better will soon come along .
  14. Hey don`t worry too much, a lot of crappy things happen on ebay..lets face it !!

    I would make some excuse up.....maybe say that you have noticed that the bag is

    falling apart (has damage to it) :nuts: and that you are really sorry and hope for the

    best !!

    You shouldn`t be "pressured" into selling.....just learn from your mistake xxx
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    But if it's another TPFer they'll know she's lying!

    I think you have to put this down to experience. Either don't sell, explain and take the consequences, or package it up and send it off but don't make the same mistake again. Sorry- i don't agree with lying.