1. Hey guys!
    I'm kind of new to Prada but I'm really looking for a new bag for school. I'm a guy so I would prefer a black, green or navy nylon bag. I'm thinking maybe a messenger style but i dont know! Can anyone help me out? THANKS :lol:

    PS: I'm open to all suggestions!
  2. Anyone?!
  3. Hang in there, Eric!

    I'm sure a lot of our Prada experts are just busy on a Sunday afternoon, but I am sure someone will have some good ideas for you.
  4. I'm no Prada expert, but I skimmed Neiman's online Prada for both men and women. It will be very hard to find anything other than black; a very few are brown. Hopefully someone who uses one for a book bag can tell you what has been useful. I'm not up on what's cool for teens. Are messenger bags being used as well as the backpacks?
  5. Thanks Leah411 and boxermom!
    And yeah I guess messenger bags are being used as backpacks!
    Thanks for your thoughts ;)
  6. Ok this might not help but here goes!

    I like messenger style bags on guys. NM does seem to have a lot but not in many colors. Are you looking for a bag for books or a bag to hold a laptop?

    Here are some pics from NM's site. Unfortunately most of these are black. I haven't found any in navy or green.

    P.S. I don't know if you like Balenciaga or not but you may want to check out this thread:
    NM-0WSQ_mp.jpg NMM02DS_mp.jpg NMM02DZ_mp.jpg NMM02KG_mp.jpg
  7. I have this one and I love it :heart::yahoo:



    I can fit soo much stuff.. There's also a zippered compartment on the back side (but I don't really use it.) For reference, I'm 5'11".
    It also comes in brown.

    Neiman Marcus* -*Single Clip Messenger Bag
    pradabagfront.jpg pradabaginside.jpg pradabagworn.jpg
  8. Thank You Guys So Much!