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  1. I bought a paddington from eBay from what appeared to be a reputable seller.

    I never buy anything from eBay, all my purse are bought right from the store. But I am in Canada and I can't find any Chole Paddington here, so I can't really tell the difference between authentic and a replica. :Push:

    If anyone can send me a enlarge picture of the paddington they have, it would be greatly appreciated. (I can return the purse to the seller).
  2. why dont you send a personal message to Noriko...I think she purchased one recently...
  3. I have one on order, but it won't arrive until next month :sad: Ask Megs, she is the paddy expert! I think she has a ton of pics of her red paddy online :smile:.
  4. I was goin to suggest megs or Noriko all so
  5. I have one-- you are wlecome to send me a pic!!
  6. I just want to say thank you everyone !!!!:biggrin:

    I am actually very excited about this!!! Crossing my fingers that it's a real one:oh:
  7. what color paddy bibi?
  8. Dk brown
  9. One thing I learned recently - If the price on Ebay is ridiculously low, the bag is a fake - Try to buy from the U.S. for prices that are lower but in the right ball park. Also, a seller should guarantee money back in the case of an authenticity issue.