help !

  1. im selling my first thing on ebay :yes:

    i was wondering how to go about this
    what i would need to include
    what you look for when buying a coach purse on ebay
    just any tiny tips
    because i have no idea where to even begin
    and maybe some starting price ideas
    idk i just need help !!

    Picture 078.jpg

    im selling the purple one
    seeing as ive only used it a few times
    and id rather put money towards a new one !
    i hope this is against tpf rules

  2. Hmm well you'd want to put something along the lines of "Like New Signature Stripe Demi Brown/Purple" as the title so you'd get as many hits as possible. Also get detailed pictures of the hangtags and inside creed.. I've sold a few of my Coach bags online and the more details you include.. the more your item sells for!
  3. thanks sooo much :smile:
  4. ^ No prob! Good luck selling!!
  5. Its good to include the measurements, whether the bag has any stains, the style number and where you purchased it. It may save you on a lot of questions later. Good luck, nice bag!
  6. oh what all should i have like
    i have the bag of course
    the dust bag
    coach registry card
    coach care instructions
    and coach booklet

    is there anything else ?
  7. Take very good pictures, I like to see the side of the bag, bottom, the creed and of course front of bag.
  8. okay so girls tell me what you think of these pictures :smile:

    jesszilla 387.jpg

    jesszilla 384.jpg

    jesszilla 390.jpg

    other side:
    jesszilla 389.jpg

    bottom: (with small mark)
    jesszilla 397.jpg

    jesszilla 391.jpg

    booklets and dustbag:
    jesszilla 385.jpg

    mmkay opinoins ?!
  9. the pics are great and potential buyers will definately be thankful for them!
  10. do you think the small mark would affect anything?

    and what are everyones ideas on prices
    i seriously have no clue about any of this
    i hope i dont sound umm
    i dont know the word haha
    but thank you everyone for all of your help
  11. the mark shouldn't bother anyone. and since you're upfront about it, it really shouldn't be an issue.
    as for price, i'm not sure. i would try looking around ebay and see what similar styles are going for.
  12. I think your pics are good. I know that having lots of pics of the details always helps with a sale. People want to see what they're getting
  13. im thinking of starting it out at $65

    would you bid ?
    or should i lower it
  14. I'd lower it. It will go up, but starting something out at a higher, or more desireable amount, might keep people from bidding. If I was searching through ebay and I stumbled upon the purse, starting at $65... I'd pass right on by unless it's something I REALLY wanted.
  15. mkkay well my friend might buy it for 100 but if she doesnt im listing it thanks for everyones help !! :yes: