1. I have a juicy messenger bag. It my school bag, when I asked them if it would be a good school bag they thought it would be. ANYWAY. The front zipper pull has a charm and a bunch of pom poms. A pom Pom fell off then the charm, I dont know where they fell off or what the deal with it was. But for 200 bucks (i know small peanuts in the grand scheme of my bag collection) I would like it to hold up for more then 3 weeks. I it got from Nordstroms. I have the recept but, My Nordstroms does not have the color i have now. Does any one know if Nordstroms will transfer or am I gonna have to return it and get something different.
  2. I don't know what your options are, but I would suggest taking it to Nordstrom and seeing what they can do. I have heard wonderful things about Nordstrom's customer service.
  3. If you have a receipt and the bag, I believe you can get store credit at least. Not sure if you need the price tags too.
  4. I am hoping i can get my money back since the bag is falling apart. If i can then i am thinking of taking my insurance refund (200 dollars back for good driving.) and some money i had saved and just getting a LV speedy 30... now i have to choose damler or mono. I have always loved the mono, because my amazing and flo anne has this old Large LV and i've always loved it. but i am scared of the handles.
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