1. Okay, I know I didn't hallucinate this - there's a picture I'm desperately searching for of a girl (a PFer) wearing her large mandarin epi noe messenger-style across her chest. Please help me find it?!

    Thank you!!!:flowers:
  2. Have you tried "Visual Aids" ?:smile:
  3. I think it was on someones avatar. I thought it was Veronika, but she has something else now, maybe she changed it...I'm not sure. I did find this pic though:

  4. You're not hallucinating - I remember the avatar you're talking about. Can't for the life of me remember who it was though...sorries. :sad:
  5. Yup - looked through visual aids, the noe club thread, the epi club thread - even did a search for it, but nothing.:crybaby:
  6. ^ Oh gosh, I hope that member sees this thread and repost it here. Possible to try it in a
  7. My nearest one's over 70 miles away. *sob*
  8. i remember! i think she was asian. she looked great with it!
  9. :flowers:
  10. ANGEL!!!!!:angel: Thank you soo much!:wlae:
  11. Any time!:smile:
  12. The Orange epi is beautiful, if only the strap was abit longer...the looks..kindda....uncomfortable with the shortish strap.