1. I am getting a Karo clutch and would like to get it in blue jean. Would it be better in chevre or epson?? Please help, I'm having the hardest time making up my mind. ......or should I get it in black:shrugs: :shrugs: :shrugs:
  2. Rose....anyway for a Pic? I am not familiar with the Karo clutch....
  3. Oh, this is tough! I did not think blue jean came in chevre?

    Is this a Karo clutch?
  4. What's a Karo clutch? :shrugs:
  5. You are correct. The Karo will have to be in epson.
  6. the Karo is the makeup pouch, isn't it? I think there was a post on it recently and a picture of OT's..I have it in black...
  7. Thanks Ladies, The post with the pic is no longer showing the photo:sad: and I can't find another pic of it. The Karo is the make up case. Can you post your black one, I would love to see it. Thanks:heart:
  8. That's lovely but not the Karo. Still trying to find a pic....
  9. I will look too for you Rose... BRB!
  10. What would I do without you ladies- you're so sweet jag, thanks:heart:
  11. It has the zipper along the top and the body is a little curved?
  12. I am so sorry, I can't find one! It think 24 F took her pic down. Let's hope she pops in and can repost a pic for us all!!!
  13. Ah I'm not home now but will take one later!
  14. Thanks! My SA just called and said that the blue jean is only available in rose swift but recommended the chevre in vert anis. Any opinions??
    I have a black Kelly with gold and will (hopefully ) be getting a BJ birkin.