1. I saw a girl carrying a bag the other day and now Im DYING to get it!!!

    Its a Signature Tie Dye White Satchel!! Anyone know where I can possibly get it??? :yes:
  2. The store, call the 1-800 number of Coach, outlets or eBay. It might be at the department stores too.
  3. I've seen the pink tye dye ones at dept. stores like Off 5th, Marshalls, etc. The white tye dye is newer than the pink so I would try the coach outlets if you don't have one by you or they don't have them. Then I would call coach's 800 #..but you will pay full retail.
  4. Whats the retail on this bag??

    I have a Coach outlet near where I work! Ive seen the white tie dye styles there, just not that particular bag!! BUT I LOVE IT!!:P
  5. Are we talking about the white tye dye that was out about 2 seasons ago...the same time the denim patchwork was introduced along w/ khaki tye dye?? I looked in that catalogue & it didn't even show the satchel so I couldn't find a price..I'll try a few more ways to find the retail price.
  6. It looks like this : [​IMG] (pic is from ebay but Im not sure if its authentic!!)

    IS buying Coach off Ebay a big NO NO, or was this particular bag never faked?
  7. It's not a no no to buy Coach or any designer off ebay...Just make sure to list pics or the auction in the Authenticate This! thread at the top of this forum.