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  1. thanks amourcouture!

    yes i have to wait :/ i did file through ebay though but i'm not sure what good that'll do :/
    since its been 4 days the money's probably already in her bank account :sad: i hope i can get it back because i remember reading somewhere even if they deciede to close the case in my favor recovery of funds isn't guranteed :/
  2. Yup, this has happened to me several times!

    I would call PP customer service and inform them that the auction was pulled and seller wont communicate. If the auction was pulled maybe they can make it so that it doesn't give the seller enough time to pull money out??? Worth a shot. At least maybe they can put a hold on the funds in her account relative to your item.:shrugs:
  3. They said i have to wait 7 days before filing a claim with paypal :sad:
  4. does the seller have other listings on eBay at the moment?
  5. Which is why I hate PP:yes:

    Hopefully it works out for you! Keep us updated! Leep emailing the seller too to try and find out what could possibly be going wrong (but be nice).
  6. Just wanted to say sorry for what happened and I really hope you can get your money back. *HUGS*
  7. i don't think so beause when i bid, that was the only listing she had.
  8. thanks i will definetly keep you all updated!:smile:
  9. thank you so much :hugs:

    i hope so too :sad:
  10. SSJ, could you please post the seller ID or PM it to me? Also, the item you bought and a short description (color, condition, ect) Thanks!
  11. #41 Jan 24, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2009
    OP- Have you called paypal to try and obtain the seller's phone number? I would imagine that a seller with that many transactions would have been around for a while and would have contact info available. Who knows though.. Don't stop bugging ebay & paypal.. get any info you can! A phone number could do wonders at this point!
  12. The reason you couldn't file with Paypal is it hasn't been long enough. Exactly what did you file with eBay? In the end that won't make a difference on your money since Paypal has it, but it could red flag their account for eBay and then maybe they will get booted off :smile: