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  1. hmmm... while the auction being cancelled might be a red flag, it doesn't automatically mean it was a scam.

    I would still file with Paypal as you did, but since it has only been 4 days the seller is still within the mailing period
  2. i'm so sorry this happened to you
    but dont worry i'm sure you will get your money back
    since its only been four days
    lets hope she didn't close her paypal or something?

    BTW your name is
    lol stupid question but, are u a fan of DBZ?
  3. Thanks :smile:

    and yes i am! LOL:sweatdrop:
  4. omg so cool :biggrin:
    me too! lolz ^^

    but back on topic
    did the seller reply to any of your emails yet?
    if not i think you should report her to ebay
    and paypal ( if you can do that)
  5. I didn't realise you could file a claim with Paypal after just 4 days, I thought it was 7 days before you could but anyways...
    I agree with coachfreak, listings being removed by ebay are not always a scam...many PF'ers have had their authentic items pulled by ebay.
    I would hope that you'll hear from the seller very soon regarding either shipping or a refund.
  6. I didn't file it with paypal yet :/ i just filed with ebay
    i tried to file with paypal but i couldnt for some reason.

    and thanks hopefully i'm really worried i'm just a collage student i can't lose that much money and get nothing :sad: i was saving for a long time for a bbag :sad:
  7. lol! i PMed u.

    and no nothing yet i did file a claim at ebays resolution center
    but i can't file anything with paypal for a few more days.
  8. LOL ok, who is DBZ :confused1:

    Wait to see if the seller corresponds w/ you. But if the listing was removed, you shouldn't have any trouble getting your money returned. It might take several days.
  9. I'm sure it'll work out fine for you SSJ, please do keep us posted.
  10. lolz dbz is an anime show :biggrin:
    the OP's name is SSJcelera
    and the (SSJ) in her name means super saiyajin or super saiyan in english xD & its a sort of "power" in that show xD [[i am a secret nerrd]

    but good luck SSJ celera
    i hope you get ur money back as soon as possible :biggrin:
  11. Thanks, I'm the curious type.

    Just googled it!
  12. awesome! :biggrin:
    oh & btw dbz is just short for dragonball z xD
  13. thanks so much! i'll definetly keep you guys posted :sad:
    i just finally stopped bawling cause i thought i would lose all of my money lol
  14. thanks sweetie.

    lol and thanks for that explanation. always nice to meet another anime fan
    although this is the last place i thought to find one lol
  15. OK, so you need to keep trying to file with PP, because they are the ones who have control over your $$$.
    You may have to wait untl the 7 day rule.
    If you file and escalate immediately the seller will have to respond within 7 days or it closes in your favor. If she does respond she will have to provide a tracking number.