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  1. hi ladies i bid and won an item on the 21st morning and i paid that afternoon via paypal.
    i sent a message to the seller right after i paid saying "hello, i've just paid for this item via paypal from email address"
    then yesterday i messaged the seller asking if she's shiped the item yet since on her listing it said she would ship in 24 hrs after cleared payment.​

    no reply to either of the messages and i'm getting worried since it was a large amount 1k+ :crybaby:

    what should i do ?:sos:
  2. Some sellers don't acknowledge their sales and buyer's payments. Or seller could be away from her computer.

    It's probably too soon to be nervous.

    What feedback does this seller have?
  3. i'm a bit of a newbie to ebay lol only 12 feedbacks. since most of my past transactions had a lot of communication and i generally got my item within days after paying so i'm just a little nervous since this is my first big purchase. :/

    the seller has good feedback 99.9% positive & 3000+ feedbacks
  4. I wouldn't be worried until next week or so. Did she ship it express?
  5. i don't know if she shipped it :/
    no response to any emails.
  6. I didn't ask IF I asked HOW :yes:
    In the auction it should state how she intends to ship the package. Was is Priority, Parcel Post, Overnight, or Flat shipping rate? If she offered free shipping then it is probably the slowest way possible. She sounds like a non-communicative seller, but nothing points to scammer.

    Post the auction link and we can take a look at it for you if you'd like.
  7. Opps my bad! lol
    i'm guessing it was flat rate because it shipping was 15.99?

    Okay sure, but i just checked and the auction as been pulled :sad: which makes me even more worried.
  8. What did you purchase?
  9. it was a balenciaga first :/

  10. If auction is pulled and no contact from the seller I would file with paypal immediately!!! If you file for an item not received and escalate it to a claim then they will hold the money if it is still there!
  11. okay should i file right now, or email the seller one last time before i file?
  12. #12 Jan 24, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2009
    Hmmmmm, What did it look like?

    Did you by chance save any of the seller's photos?

    Was the seller from the US?

    I ask because we might have discussed the bag in the AT Balenciaga section.

    I just pm'd you.
  13. Wait for confirmation from Gro but I would file immeditately. The longer you wait the longer she has to get the money out of her account.
  14. it was a black 07 first

    and no i didnt :sad:

    yes she was from the US.

    to AmourCouture
    yes i just filed :sad:
    i hope i can get my money back!
  15. oh & btw she had over 1000 feedbacks not 3
    typo :/