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  1. Hey ladies!

    Was recently caught out with what I think is a fake Choo bag. Looking at the seller details I felt happy it was authentic. That was until it arrived. It doesnt seem real. Two straps had been glued back together and other obvios things like the stitching etc jsut didnt ring true. I filed a complaint with paypal after the seller refused to refund! I have now got to prove that is is not authentic. I live in Cornwall and we have no JC shops. Can anyone help me?? This is the bag ......

    Hope you can help me - thank you so so much xxx
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    You will need to post it here
    and you will want to take better photos of the bag also. I am not a JC expert but they can instruct you on what to capture. Also, print the auction or save it into a file because if it is fake then people will report it and it will be removed for copyright infringement. Once it is confirmed as fake (if it is) then you will also have to file a report with paypal for Item received significantly not as described and provide photos. If the listing is removed then you are usually able to win the case without having to obtain a letter of non-authenticity from a professional source.

    LOL: Gro beat me to it
  3. LOL, but your post is more detailed.

    I forgot to advise to print out the auction!
  4. Thanks ladies ......

    I have the bag now as I have purchased it. I have another Choo bag and the leather is not as soft as that either. I have opened a dispute and I need to authenticate the bag but with the lack of Choo retailers in Cornwall I am at pains to find someone who can help! Thanks for info will post on Choo site xxx