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Sep 5, 2008

I'm very new to this site and kinda need some help. I'm wanting a Scarf Print bag, but of course they are probably all long gone by now (and I'm not one to trust ebay with a big purchase). I work p/t at my local mall and occasionally drop into the Coach store. I asked if they were ever going to come out with a scarf print again. SA said maybe spring.

Anyway, the other night the manager came into my store so I was chatting with her. Said I wanted them to come back out with a scarf print like now lol. She said they were coming out with a new bag in about 3 wks. She said the material is very similar to the scarf print (which is really why i want it, love the material). And I don't know the name of it. Does anyone know of anything similar coming out very soon? She also mentioned Madison to me, not sure if it's the right bag. Any information or pics would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much & sorry if I sound clueless about the bags.
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Aug 5, 2008
She's probably talking about the Op-Art bags that are coming out soon. Do a search in the main forum for op art and there'll be some pictures of it.