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  1. Ok you guys, im in emergent need of opinion here.....
    Today shopping in BH, i came across the marc jacobs Adina bag in brown at this boutique, on sale for like $590. Im not familiar with MJ stuff but the salesperson told me it was a steal. I LOVED it but ive never purchased an expensive bag myself, the only designer bags i have were gifts. So i need your opinions!!!! do u guys love the bag?? Do any of you own this bag and love it? SHould i run back and get it tomrrow?:P
    i hope i didnt just miss a great deal!

    heres a link to a pic i found on elux...but the bag i saw today was dark brown
  2. It's not my favorite MJ bag, but I really like it ;) And you can't beat that price! Awesome deal! Congrats!! :biggrin:

    If you don't feel like you love it 100%, then you should take it back and get something else though. No good deal is worth not being completely happy with your purchase :P
  3. The Adina is a pretty bag. The only "issue" I could see with it is the fact that it seems a little bulky for wearing on your shoulder. Take the stuffing out of the purse and see how it works on your shoulder...

    Also, if you're getting it just because it's a deal--don't get it. But if you love the style, go for it. I'm just cautious with "bargains" since some times I just want the deal and I'm not in love with the purse.

    Hope that helps!
  4. I love it!! I was stalking the pearl one on elux. and someone snagged it! $590 sounds like a steal, I would get it!!
  5. it's a beauty! but i tried it on and it's a bit heavy. =/ but i still love it because marc=love.
  6. marc=love....I like that!!!
  7. Excellent advice. Sometimes I find myself caught in "the thrill of the chase" so to speak, and don't love the bag itself. A great deal is only great if you absolutely love the bag and will use it.
  8. Originally $1300 marked down to $590 that is an awesome deal!!! I love that bag and I love the color, especially the color really makes that bag! You must go back and get it and then post pictures for us!
  9. So i decided yesterday i couldnt live without this MJ bag, and despite that i was broke i had to have it.... so i called Madison today.... they SOLD IT over the wkn!!!:sad:
    im so sad now..... iss almost like wut u cant get seems that much better. Totally missed out on a cute bag and great deal.
    Now i think about it, prolly best i didnt buy it -> need to save $$ to take my boards this summer=(
    sigh.... sucky life of a broke student!
    thanks for all those who replied and gave me great opinons tho!
  10. Things always work out for the best. It wasnt meant to be.

    The next good one is around the corner!!

  11. I can't get the picture from eLux to come just says item no longer available. : (
  12. That's ok. I usually figure when something's gone then that just means it's not meant to be. You know? Plus, I know some people complained that the Adina is kinda heavy and bulky, so you feel like your arm is sticking out. Sometimes a "deal" really isn't worth it since you won't be in love...
  13. I also love the Marc Jacobs Adina. I saw it on Ebay in Ivory today for a great price. Check it out. I have one myself and I love it.