1. I just recently put an order in at a Saks in Denver & told the SA that I wanted a luxury line bowler in metallic black. She checked her computers & said that it's not listed as a bowler but as a camera case & the price is $2160. She described the bag to me & from her description the bag had the same description as the bowler. I'm just afraid she ordered the wrong bag for me!!

    Is there a camera case bag in the luxury line? Don't want to order the wrong thing!!!
  2. No, that's the right one! Make sure to post pictures when you get it! :graucho:
  3. Thank you so much! I'm really relieved!!! I have been stressing out over it. I will definitely post pics!!!
  4. which Saks in denver?? at cherry creek mall?
  5. YES!!!!
  6. They Sell CHANEL in there? i didnt go in there when i was there! i usually go just into Neimans... my dad is still there on a business trip though!
  7. Oh, no problem, I'm glad you're getting the right one! I hate making phone orders because of this same reason, sometimes if there is no doubt that they know what I'm talking about, I still get nervous! :lol:
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