1. Guys, I'm looking for a website that has pictures of a all the bags it sells on a model (dummy, not a person). Its a japanese website, and has rakuten in the url. I had in my history, but I've been away and I've lost it. Please help - if anyone knows what I'm talking about.

    Thank you!
  2. oops, not a person? then i dunno. sorry ;-(
  3. oooh sophia! i had missed that link. this will keep me busy for hours! thank you :heart:
  4. you're welcome! :P more details than you get on elux...!!:tender:
  5. oh yay, awesome!! :yahoo:

    let me know if need some translation too! ;) this site keeps me busy too, then you can check out other designers too,,,,,,:upsidedown:
  6. Thanks - mostly I just guess what stuff says. The important stuff is in english anyway, thank goodness.

    Is it a legit site? I've always wondered that.
  7. Wow, the pictures on this site are very helpful! Much more detail than I've seen elsewhere. Anyone speak Japanese? :lol:
  8. I cant read anything on there, are those items for sale? This is the first I have seen of this link. Thanks!!
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