1. HELP! i am not sure which one should i pick and i love LV mulitcolor Speedy 30 or Aurelia MM? which one is better? :shocked: :oh: :sad:


  2. I say speedy!
  3. that's what i think! but my friend said the aurelia MM is better... ugh! i cant decided yet... :Push:
  4. speedy all the way!!
  5. I love the aurelia! Do you want a shoulder bag. If so, look at the aurelia! It feels great on!
  6. Speedy, without a doubt! It's my favorite in my collection.:yes: :love:
  7. be different get the First one!
  8. speedy..definately!
  9. Speedy :amuse:
  10. Speedy!
  11. I love the Speedy, too, :love:but the lines of the Aurelia are SO beautiful (and I'm more of a shoulder purse gal), so I would choose the Aurelia.:yes::biggrin:
  12. calm down, kids! heehee. i will ask my boyfriend to take me to Louis Vuitton boutique tomorrow!! i will try to post the pixs in this soon! :o)
  13. speedy!
  14. Speedy, baby, Speedy...
  15. I vote for the Speedy!
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