1. Does anyone know of any good places to buy CUTE nickel free jewelry?? I'm allergic to nickel and I can never find any cute jewelry that's nickel free!! Thanks for the help girls!!!
  2. =D From me! :biggrin: LOL I purchase most of my findings (things like earring hooks, clasps, etc.) from vendors who specify if their items are nickel free. And I try to stick with those.

    Also, do you wear Sterling Silver? Good sterling should be okay for allergies but if it isn't, Fine Silver is 99.9% pure and I can't imagine it would cause any allergies.

    Most 'cheapy' jewelry (non-precious metal) is pretty much a crap shoot unless it specifically says Nickel free. I'm sure there are other jewelers around here who know of some specific non-nickel jewelry.

    Good luck!