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  1. Just wonderin those anyone know the name of this bag and the retail price in Pounds or if not dollars. As im considering purchasing this bag.TIA
  2. Hi, I also love this bag but have not seen it IRL yet. Styledrops has this bag at for $1514 but don't know what it will be in pounds yet but would like to know. They also have it in black and dark brown. Hope this helps!
  3. hey, I saw this bag in both london Miu Miu boutiques. It was up for £670. They only had it in grey though. There's a pink version for sale on mytheresa.

    Ugh. cannot wait till my ban is over so I can get this bag!!! it is gorgeous!
  4. Thanks everyone for the information it really helps alot.
  5. omg i love this bag in the pink color but i just called the stores in US and the SA said its sold out :sad: does anyone else know where i can get it other than thanks!!
  6. this is a gorgeous bag!! but does it come in two sizes??