1. so im going to be a sophmore this year, and i absoluty adore coach, i actually own 5 of their bags, but they are all small handbags. im looking for a large tote, and cant decide between a Juicy Couture or a Coach, im looking to spend up to about $500, so i need some ideas of what would work, i talked to my SA and she said they had some new totes comming out, but i need some ideas of what to expect...any ideas of what they are somming out with or which way i should go designer wise?

  2. If something happens to the juciy the bag gets thrown away. If something happens to a coach you may be able to take it in for a repair, exchange, or % towards another bag. Thats the only reason I would look at coach. If you don't care what happens to it and are willing to throw it away Juciy has some cute things.
  3. There are new bags on the website now.

    Even some of the older bags will work...try the Large Hamptons Tote. You can find them on Ebay for less than $200.

    Try the outlets as well.
  4. I would definately do the weekender scarf print tote! TDF IRL!!
  5. From Coach.... (sorry I didnt specify)
  6. Im sorry but i would avoid the Scarf Print if you are going to use it everyday. Mine is pretty delicate material and hard to keep clean.

    I would go more something like this:

    And get a Juicy too!

    With 500$ you really could get something from both in a medium-large size.