1. just got my neo cabby MM in black but i'm not so happy. i'm thinking of getting the mahina denim XL but i haven't seen one IRL. might be too big for me. i;m 5'3. anyone with the mahina denim XL? does it look good IRL?
  2. I didnt care for the XL at all, and the price is way up there. The bottom has a big square piece worked in to it for a base I guess, but it hit my hips in such an odd way it looked awful. Plus I didnt care for how big and deep it was, I would be searching forever to find my wallet, phone, etc.

    I also didnt care for the Cabby, I returned mine cause I didnt like how the sides sagged real bad when you used the shoulder strap.

    The best denim bag is the Baggy GM IMO.
  3. hmmm.. I actually liked both the cabby and denim XL bags... the only reason I didn't buy them is because of the assymetry which is the single most important thing for me (besides the style in general).

    As for the size of the XL, I think it's a lil too big (I"m 5'2)... It's hard to put over the shoulder with a jacket on and if you hold it by hand, the bag goes below the knees.........
    Maybe you should wait for the denim XS, which I find really attractive right now... Then again, you may not be able to exchange for it cuz it's coming out at a later date...
  4. yeah i would suggest either the cabby GM or the new denim xs.
  5. thank s a lot. guess i have to wait