1. Ok ladies if you could only purchase one bag for the entire year an it was between the vernis bellevue,the rosewood,or the mono speedy 25 what would you pick?I Love the 25 so practical for an everyday bag but,the vernis is gorgeous.I just dont know also this will be my very first lv purchase,and trying the bags on is out of the question because the closest boutique is 500 miles away.:crybaby:
  2. I would go the mono speedy it is a classic. In the vernis line I like the Houston, but remember some colors leave every fingerprint so constantly wiping it down
  3. For a first bag, go with the speedy. It's like an initiation thing.
  4. I'm really far away from the boutique, too. I feel your pain.
  5. rosewood, i looooooove vernis! :biggrin:
  6. Definitely the speedy, it's a bag that you'll be able to use forever !
  7. I would go for the mono speedy first.
  8. id go speedy. classic, great resale value & not as easy to damage
  9. My vote is for the mono speedy as well; I just got it as my first LV bag about a month ago and I love it! :tup:
  10. Mono speedy it's a classic
  11. mono speedy. It's a right of passage.
  12. :yes::yes:
  13. Speedy!
  14. definitely speedy... but not sure if I would go 25... think 30 is a better size :smile:
  15. Speedy!!!!!!!! You will get so MUCH use out of it and you will love it!

    I second the idea of a 30, unless you're really tiny.