1. will the vachetta still patina if after i buy the bag, i keep it inside the dust bag inside the box and put it under my bed? i really want to buy the azur pochette but i won't let anyone know i bought it until several months after.. but at the same time i don't want it to patina because when i actually get to use it some time later i want it to look brand new...
  2. if you store it away from sun&heat, the patina process should not be dramatic. You can always get the pochette later since the price increased already?
  3. I used my Looping as soon as I bought it (a handful of times), then I've kept it inside the dustbag since. I recently took it out and the vahetta is still very light. You should be okay.
  4. the thing is, i'm going to call LV tomorrow and see if the SA can give me the old price on the pochette because i recently just made a little purchase there. if they can't give me the old price i'll just forget about the pochette for now and get it later
  5. the price didn't increase that much though, didn't the azur pochette only go up by $25?
  6. i've kept my bh in the closet since summer and it has not darkened; maybe it has but not noticeably to the eye.