Help? :)

  1. I can't decide between a medium or large carly.
    I'm was looking at the saddle color because I have the tobacco signature wallet and wristlet and figured that would match best? *sigh* I dunno. recomend some stuff lol.
    Also if it helps, I'm looking on eBay for the bag...
    Thanks girls!:tup:
  2. I think it depends on how much room you want or need. I opted for the med because the large looked like it would be too big for me and I would be digging around trying to find stuff. I like the large totes cause you can easily see in it, you don't have to open it, so I wouldn't have to dig around for stuff. At least I'm thinking you wouldn't, I only own Carly. Hope this made some kind of sense, and it helps a little.:smile:
  3. The Khaki/Chocolate trim Carly won't be bad either (I'm not much of a matchy-matchy person, as long as the colors are along the same "tone", it'll look fine) with a Tobacco sig wallet. But I like the LARGE Carly mainly because I tend to fill up my purse but with a large Carly you can carry it with little in it too. It just depends on whether you're a big bag gal or not. The Medium Carly or any size Carly should only be filled about 1/2 to 3/4 of the way up so you can still have that "slouch" look, otherwise it tends to look "stuffed". Go and try the Carly's on in person and see what fits you. Good luck with your decision!