1. Ok ladies i am buying my first lv,I Have decided after much deliberation its going too be either the bh or,the regular b.Which do you ladies perfer and why?Also any pics would be much appreciated thanks.:yes:
  2. BH! Looks better IMO!
  3. BH is much larger. How much room do you need? I would rather have the larger bag.
  4. BH......I think it has a nice look to it.
  5. I would like too have a larger bag but,I also would like a bag that could go from day too evening.I picked the batignolles because it seems like such an easy handbag too get into and out of,I just wish that there was a boutique near so i could try both on lol.:sad:
  6. BH... love love mine!
    can be handheld and shoulder bag
    looks good with little or alot of stuff inside
    great for everyday bag!
  7. BH! it is fantastic!
  8. bh! it's one of tPF's all time favorites. Pre grats on your First LV! :party:
  9. Thanks ladies for all of your thoughts,it looks like i am leaning more towards the bh.:yes:
  10. We have three batignolles horizontals at our house. I have one and two of my daughters do too. It's a GREAT bag! I don't like the regular one because it's handheld only and we each wanted a shoulder bag.
  11. I have the BH and I love it.
  12. Bh!
  13. I prefer the BH over the regular Batignolles. It's the perfect size and fits quite a lot. :yes:
  14. Definitely BH ... can fit so much more and and can be used multiple ways!