1. which bag do you ladies like better neverfull pm or,speedy 25?:shrugs:
  2. Both are nice bags but if I could only have one, I'll pick the Speedy. All depends if you prefer hand bags or shoulder bags.
  3. I'm not a fan of the Neverfull .... so I'd have to go with the SPEEDY 25.
  4. neverfull pm
  5. I never did like the look of the Neverfull.

    The Speedy 25 gets my vote!
  6. I prefer the speedy 25.
  7. speedy 25
  8. speedy 25:tup:
  9. depends on if you want hand held or shoulder bag. I'd go w/speedy 25 first as it can be use in business and casual environment :yes:
  10. speedy.
  11. I prefer the speedy 25 definitely. :tup:

    I dun like the thin straps of the Neverfull. Though I have to agree it is a very useful and versatile bag, I'd only get it if there were cute LE designs on it.
  12. Get the Speedy!
  13. Neverfull
  14. Get the speedy, in my opinion. They're very different bags though, I say go to the boutique and try them both on, that way you can feel which one would be best for your everyday use. Good luck!
  15. neverfull for me. try both.. see which one you like better.. i like speedies on other people but it looks weird on me..