Help!! =(

  1. I checked in my Tomato First, stored it in my luggage and when I opened the luggage my Volumizing mousse is empty and stained my first!!! Please help, now it has stains!!!
  2. ^^ oh nooooooooooooo, sweetie i'm so sorry!!! :sad:...please contact barbara @ LMB immediately & ask her what to do...since it's a holiday, i don't know if they'll be able to respond right away...but my suggestion would be to leave it alone until you hear back from her...please keep us posted & let us know what happens (((hugs))) :heart:
  3. I will contact her but I'm not sure how soon she can respond. I am panicking it really looks awful=(
  4. I'm sending it to lovin my bags.. does anyone know the turnaround time??
  5. ^^^ Glad to hear you're sending it out. Don't know the turn around time but, please let us know how it goes. Keeping fingers crossed for you!!!:flowers:
  6. Unfortunately, they couldn't take out the stains and would need to color correct. it would cost $225, hefty price for a first, is it worth it???
  7. Why don't you claim for the full price of your bag on your insurance? Home or holiday insurance?
  8. Don't have insurance on it
    Sorry - I don't even know you can get that =(
  9. Do you have pics??

    How big are the stains?

    Front or back?

    That is quite a lot of money to correct the damage- is it worth it to you??

    Sorry this happened :flowers:
  10. they're on the handles and in the back
    but you won't really see them unless you look at it very closely
  11. i don't have pics as they are with LMB now