1. Hi everyone, I am new to site, so bear with me. I love the Chanel soft and chain in black, but understand it is sold out everywhere. Have you found this to be true? If not, any suggestions? I was told to try the Chanel drawstring instead, but I have no idea what it looks like. Is anyone aware of where I could get a picture of it or if it is close to the soft and chain at all? Thank you!
  2. Which drawstring one?
    Ultimate Soft?

    Hvae you tried a search within the Chanel Forums only for 'drawstring'?
  3. Do you mean the soft & chain hobo? I don't think it is sold out...I was able to get one from Steph at the San Antonio NM last week. Maybe you can check with her to see if she has anymore stock?
  4. Chanel rep called it only the "drawstring." I did search the forum.

    Bananax119 did you purchase a black soft & chain hobo? I will check out source. Thanks for the info!
  5. Yup, I bought the large black soft & chain hobo (same as Roey's in the reference library). Retail was $2350. Steph at NM was fabulous btw - it was my first transaction with her and it couldn't have been any smoother. Wish I could always do my shopping that way...just pick up the phone and voila! the bag is at my door in 2 days!
  6. bananax119...Thanks for all of your info and help!!

  7. Ok... this is the bag I just phoned about.. and yes it can be on its way in 2 days. My question is... I like this bag but understand it is in Lambskin... and from Spring '07 line. If you have this bag.. what do you think of it?? Is it durable or no? (lambskin??) and still full price... help-to buy or not to buy??????:confused1:
  8. Hi! I own this bag in the large size and yes, it is extremely durable (unless you beat on your bags)! It is a thick, treated lambskin. I wipe mine down with a baby wipe after use and it still looks as pristine as the day I got it last summer. My only gripe is the lack of a base; you cannot set it down in an upright position at all. It will flop over and the heavy chain will fall on top of the leather (which could cause indentations if left that way for too long). When it's on the shoulder, however, it is a comfortable, chic, head-turning bag!
  9. Chanel Blonde,
    I called on this bag and was told it was sold out. Do you mind sharing which store you called? Also does anyone know the actual style#? It is the first questioned asked for which I have no answer. I only know the name. Thanks!
  10. Honestly, the chain is pretty heavy. I didn't think I would mind because I have many heavy bags (think Paddington lock), but this one really hurts my shoulder. It's such a pretty bag, so I tried to give it a few days hoping that I'd start to use it. BUT - it's been almost a week now and I haven't taken it out, which is a sure sign I'll never use it. So it will probably be on its way back to the store to exchange for something else tomorrow (maybe the LV Mahina...ladies, don't throw anything at me please!).

    I think $2350 for this bag is a great price though (lambskin!), considering some of the prices on the new cruise bags. If you don't mind the heavy chain, I would say totally go for it!!
  11. The style number for the large black Soft and Chain hobo is:


    Yes the chain is heavy but I think the size and slant of one's shoulder would dictate how it feels when worn. I work out with pretty significant weights and have rounded shoulders which do not slant downward. There is muscle to support the chain. The chain also sits between the cap of my shoulder and neck area versus right on top of the shoulder. Hence, it rests more on the soft tissue than actual bone.

  12. Sorry for the delay.. I just saw this! I called the Chanel boutique on Spring St. in NY (Soho). No, there is not one available in that store. However, the SA was able to do a search in the system and tell me that there were a few still available within the US and in what colors. They then can take payment and then transfer the bag out to you. Let me know if I can help you out with anything else. Good Luck!

    Here is the big surprise!!!! :yahoo: While I was out shopping with friends yesterday... my husband called and ordered it for me. It should be here Wednesday. Although he did not have the style lets cross fingers the correct one arrives. He knew it was the soft and chain in black lambskin I was interested in, he said. And spoke with the SA I had originally talked to.

    I am only nervous now that I have just read the post re: the weight of the chain etc..:sad: Is someone really returning this bag b/c of that???
  13. Yes, I returned the bag today. But I think Roey is right in that everybody's body will be different and you really need to try the bag on yourself. I'm not bony, but I'm definitely not muscular either, and the bag hurt my shoulder. But I hope you LOVE the bag and I know it'll look gorgeous on you! :woohoo:
  14. Thanks to all for all of your help..... really appreciate it!!:tup:
  15. Just wanted to let you ladies know that the Soft and Chain did arrive awhile back and I do like it. I have carried and do feel some of what those of you meant by the chain being a bit heavy however, for me.. I am use to carrying a sometimes too heavy bag-so, so far it has been ok. And as for the lambskin it does appear to be pretty durable (with normal care). I noticed my ring rubbed up against it the other day and was affraid to look down for fear of a mark but, there was nothing, no mark. I am happy with it. Thank you!!

    Sorry it has taken me so long to get back on here to post, I have been busy and tried one evening however, had a computer problem. I will try to post pictures again. However, still see I am having trouble with the site tonight so I don't know if it will work.. Thanks again ladies!!!