1. Can you guys please help me identify this bag? TIA:love:
    coach1.jpg coach2.jpg
  2. I believe that is a Soho Hobo...they came in 3 different sizes and lots of different colors.
  3. ^Yup, I have this bag in black siggy and mine is the large size. Except the strap on mine is braided leather.
  4. Thanks for the help!!!! What size is the one in the pic and what season is it from?
  5. No clue...
  6. They have those at my outlet right now... Don't know what season and year it's from.
  7. I want to say 06, but not TOTALLY sure. Do a search on eBay for Coach Soho hobo and see what style number comes up to help you find it!!!! Good luck!!!
  8. Coach Soho small Signature hobo style #10599 retail for $198. I am not sure of the year but for some reason, I think it is from winter 2005 (I am almost positive).
  9. Thanks for the detailed information!