1. I must know, if you call in an order to JAX can you use your pce??? :s The item that i'm looking for is no longer in the stores but I was hoping to call JAX and see if they still had it in stock!! If someone could help me out I would really appreciate it!! :flowers:
  2. I don't think you can use it directly with JAX, but if you have your store order it from JAX, you can use the PCE card.
  3. HauteMama, I am interested in one of the '06 legacy bags... its obviously an older style but do you think they will still do it?
  4. If JAX has them, they will. It does sound like a lot of the 06 Legacy headed to the outlets recently. I don't know that for a fact, but a lot of ladies are finding a lot of outlet stuff lately.
  5. You must call a store for PCE. However, you could call outlets and see if they have one. Might be cheaper than 25% of retail.
  6. I tried getting an 06 Legacy Shoulder bag from JAX this summer and they told me they were sold out in every color. They must have already pulled them from inventory and prepared them for the outlets. The 2007 version is super cute, too!!
  7. if it is available anywhere, INCLUDING JAX and OTHER THAN factory stores, the store will be able to let you know. give the cashier the style number and ask if it is available to order.