1. Im having a dilema i have finallly decided to take the plunge and buy a bbag however i was looking at the 08s THEY HAVE SHORTENED THE SHOULDER STRAP AGAIN!!!! It wasnt comfortable when i tried it Then i tried the city the shoulder strap was perfect but i think that the city would be to big for me for every day use i only like to carry must haves

    please help me with my problem
  2. I don't know how we can help you! :shrugs: Maybe look for a prior years bag with the longer strap?
  3. Just choose whatever looks good on you I think.Personally I like a small to carry the must haves.I don't often use shoulder strap though.With a Bbag,color and size are probably most important..for me at least.I don't really care much for style as I like them all! good luck with your purchase! :tup: