1. Ok, I bought an item on eBay, and paid on halloween. I was shipped the wrong item, so I contacted the seller who agreed to send me the right thing and pay to have the wrong item shipped back. Well today is december 10th and I JUST got my item, after I filed a claim, which I escalated this morning. I have asked the seller to refund my shipping since it took so long, I figure its the least they can do. Well now they are saying it is extortion, and that they called paypal about it, and they think that it is fishy that I escalated my claim the same day I received the item, when in reality its just a

    ANYWAYS, basically I want to know if its wrong of me to ask for my shipping back and if eBay/paypal would do anything about this so called "extortion"
  2. I doubt you'll get the return shipping costs back, unfortunately. Glad to hear that you did finally get the right item, though! :s
  3. That scenario is NOT extortion. You as a buyer have every right to expect a refund on return charges for your seller's mistake. Extortion happens when one party wants to force the other to do something that was not in the original contract or agreed upon after the contract (ie, as when she told you you could send it back and she will refund you). Now the problem is you cannot force your seller to pay the return charges, she gave you her word and you can only hope she'll honor it. If she doesn't refund you for the return ship your only alternative really is to leave factual feedback regarding this issue. No personal attacks, just facts...

    "Shipped wrong item, agreed to compensate for return costs, now reneging" along with a big fat -
  4. you're asking for a shipping refund on YOUR item right? Not the wrong item that you had to ship back? (by the way, did the seller pay you for the wrong item's shipping?)

    I highly doubt you'll get your right item's shipping fee back, it'd be nice if the seller offered but I don't think even Paypal will side you on that one. all you can do is note this in your feedback to the seller.