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  1. hi everyone.. this is my first official post on the LV forum! my mum just gave me a speedy.. 30 i believe.. however because of its age.. over 20 years.. the handles are severely darkened and i was wondering if there was anyway of lightening the handles.. does LV do treatment/care for their bags? particularly LV singapore?

    my mum carried this as a diaper bag when i was a baby! (and im now 19) :wtf:.. so it had great sentimental value.. any help is appreciated thanks!
  2. Hi, Its possible to get the handles Replaced but the price is very night and IMO its not worth it because the new handles will be Much lighter than the rest of the vachetta leather on the bag.

    I would try magic eraser and also babywipes and wipe the handles down, this should remove some dirt/darkening from the handles. :smile:
  3. Ya I personally don't htink it's worth it... Both handles will cost about 300$ to get replaced which is almost 1/2 the price of the bag itself. If I were you, I'd just buy a new Speedy and keep the one now AS IS for memories and sentimental value. :yes:
  4. h it's so cute the story behind the speedy :smile:
    i would keep the handle as it is though, it's too expensive to replace the handles
  5. Like CEC said, I would keep it as it is for sentimental purposes and get another one to use...but if you really want to use that one, then get the leather replaced. Cute story!