1. Today i got a Chloe Paddington black leather satchel bag, and im really having trouble deciding whether i should keep it. its BEAUITFUL! i love that its not like the normal ones, it has long ajustable straps and double zips to make it bigger at the base. the only thing is that i had never even thought about purchasing a chloe before, i usually stick with gucci's, but this bag was just so amazing! its normally about 1600 but i got it on sale for 1000. i guess i just wanted some imput from chloe veterans to see if you guys think this is a good purchase. I wanted a leather bag that i will be able to use forever and wont date, so im just wondering if this is the one to keep. Here is a picture of it, but mines in black. [​IMG]thank you so much!
  2. I just saw the same style yesterday in a different colour but wasn't crazy about the leather. If yours has amazing leather than keep it! The price is good but not amazing. Check the Chloe boutiques as they have a big 50% off sale right now!
  3. ^ Agree about the leather... it makes all the difference. Is your smooshy and wrinkled?

    Otherwise, i think it's quite a cute and quirky bag - I love that flap over the top. It's a paddington with a boho yet edith feel LOL
  4. I remember when this bag came out...I agree about the leather. :sad: I wasn't nuts over it, but I remember the leather as being not quite "up" to Chloe's previous leather. If the leather on yours is smooshy and supple, then I would say to keep it, otherwise, get a Chloe that has that wonderful "signature" feel...yes, $1,000 is better than retail, but not THAT much better...half price would be a great buy on this one! :tup:
  5. I really like this bag. But leathers can vary. Listen to these women about getting the right skin and they can vary from bag to bag.
  6. I say that if you don't love it, then return it & get something that you're in love with. I have bought too many bags & then decided, too late, that I wasn't in love with them. Now I only buy what I truly love.
  7. If YOU really like it, then keep it. If it's not 'true love' then I would agree to return it for something you absolutely love. It is a beautiful color and cute bag. I, personally, like the style.
  8. Absolutely love the style!!!! I have a similar one that is a hobo in gray.

    If you love the Paddington, but feel it is too heavy to carry, or the straps are not long enough for the shoulder and the weight, this is the perfect alternative.

    Even though mine is heavy, it doesn't feel anywhere near as heavy as the regular Paddy because the weight is more even distributed because of the longer shoulder strap.

    I would definitely, absolutely, without a doubt keep it!
  9. They have several on Bluefly where they describe the leather as "vachetta". Chloe leathers can be kidskin, calfskin, lambskin etc. So vachetta as used here will not feel like typical Paddy leather?